Ephesoft believes in getting more done – faster.

Today’s enterprise demands work to be done at lightning speed and near perfect accuracy. Manual review, data entry and legacy systems don’t work when you have millions (or just hundreds) of documents to process. Not only is it slow, antiquated and costly, but every error makes significant and direct damage to business margins – a true waste of valuable resources. It should be a job for machines, not people.


Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing solution automatically captures and processes business documents to boost productivity while eliminating manual data entry. Whether it’s invoices, ID cards, tax forms, loan applications and more, their platform automatically captures data from business documents, and exports it to workflow systems (such as an ERP, ECM, RPA or BPO). Data entry is a thing of the past.

Collaboration and Retrieval

Maximize Productivity

Capture, classify and extract data automatically from hundreds of document types with our AI and patented machine-learning platform

Data Integration

Integrate with Ease

Seamlessly connect Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing platform to RPA, BPM, ECM and other workflows with a full suite of web service APIs

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