Big Data and Analytics Solutions

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Today’s top businesses use Big Data and Analytics to drive innovation, improve customer satisfaction, and monetize their ideas. Access to data as an analytical tool for discovery and optimization, when organized under an effective, central data strategy that reflects your specific needs, can provide your organization the ability to make informed decisions that will move your business into the future.

The members of the Micro Strategies Big Data team are experts in architecting, designing, and implementing industry and business analytic specific solutions and frameworks focused on getting you the most out of your data environment.  Our experience, combined with our state-of-the-art design and testing centers, will ensure you get the right big data and business analytics services for your business.

Business Analytics & Optimization

Micro Strategies helps organizations design an information architecture that unifies data under one core business intelligence analytics software strategy. We will provide you with solutions designed to your specific business needs, guaranteeing complete optimization of data environments. Our experienced team's focus is to ensure Micro Strategies clients leverage data assets so they can optimize opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and quickly react to market trends.

Data Strategy

We will develop a company-wide strategy and framework which defines how you collect, store, manage and use information.

Data Warehousing & Analytics

Micro Strategies combines objectives with technology agnostic guidance and real world business case experience to design an information architecture that unifies your data under one core Business Intelligence strategy. Our Business Intelligence solutions are specific to the business needs ensuring you get the most out of your environment by optimizing the systems and processes. Our services include:

  • Expertise in planning, architecting, implementing and advanced analytics
  • Software development
  • Proof of Concept demonstrations

Data Quality & Operations

We will assess the quality of data to ensure accuracy, completeness, relevance and consistency across data sources.

Data Integration and Governance

Micro Strategies will help you better define your information strategy to include integration and governance to increase the quality of data, define master data, manage the lifecycle of information, and secure and protect that data across all types of projects. Using proven methodologies and our experienced staff, we will work with existing data systems to bring about a clear and precise implementation of all your data sets.


Micro Strategies offers comprehensive, fully customized business intelligence and analytics software dashboards that will align your analytic environments with specific information requirements, business processes, critical success factors, and corporate objectives. Using a methodology and proven technology tools, we can facilitate the creation and deployment of meaningful, relevant dashboards which are complete with defined goals and metrics. Our skilled developers will build intuitive KPIs that provide your company with timely, accurate and easy to interpret business insights. We will integrate your new dashboard into your new or existing technology infrastructure, creating all connections to your backend data source.