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Big Data
What if your buyers and sellers could share inventory availability, location, cost and demand data in near real-time for the first time? This wholesale distributor fundamentally transforms its approach to buying and selling its product lines and increases profitability by sharing purchasing and sale data across the enterprise.
Watchung Spring Water SaaS Call Recording Solution
What if you could gain insights into improving customer satisfaction in real time by highlighting successful customer service calls? This established beverage distribution company records and organizes call data from customer interactions, discovering best-in-class sales and customer service experiences as the business grows into new markets, and providing training for new reps.
Think out of the box
Sometimes requirements documentation does not cover everything. It may only cover sunny day scenarios such as: Do this – click this – and this will happen. What if I don’t do this and then click this? What if I do something else and click this? How is it handled?
Content, Project & Deal Management Simplified for the Modern User Join Alfresco and Micro Strategies for lunch and to learn how innovative companies have reduced risk and complexity while improving user adoption of content management systems. Discussions and demonstrations will include:
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Over the years, our offerings have changed as the technology needs of the legal community have been evolving. We are proud to be more than a technology solutions provider for our clients. We are the trusted adviser with a deep understanding of the business and can offer a variety of IT solutions solving issues law firms face today. Here are the top 10 ways to improve and manage technology for legal: