Cloud-Based Computing Services

Scalability and Flexibility That Grows With Your Organization

The cloud is changing the way organizations, large and small, do business. Let us help you with our cloud computing services today!

Cloud computing services are changing the way organizations, large and small, do business. Imagine your data and applications available across your enterprise securely, efficiently, and on demand. These traits, along with near limitless options in flexibility and implementation, are also changing the way technology leaders think about the role IT plays in supporting business strategies.

At Micro Strategies we leverage our many years of experience with a keen understanding of your computing, storage, and enterprise needs to create public, private, and hybrid cloud based services that will help your business grow. Organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to small firms, are embracing our ability to build end-to-end web based software development solutions with state-of-the-art hardware and software for cloud environments.

The Micro Strategies commitment to the cloud has even awarded top-level recognitions in the US. We were recently named IBM Beacon Award finalist for the IBM SmartCloud™ for best IBM SoftLayer based Cloud solution for the Music Mastermind implementation. The IBM Beacon Award recognizes IBM Business Partners who have delivered exceptional solutions using IBM products and services. And as a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate partner, we’ve been recognized as experts in offering Microsoft Cloud Computing solutions to our customers, making Micro Strategies Microsoft Small Business Cloud Champions and winner of the New York Metro Cloud Practice of the Year award for 2012.

Why Our Cloud Implementation is Right For You
●    Flexible and scalable solutions that deliver your applications and data on demand
●    Highly Automated
●    Cost effective and efficient
●    Improved data security and recovery
●    Appropriate for any size business
●    Minimize “rip and replace”

Customized Cloud computing services to fit your specific needs

Every cloud implementation demands its own unique needs and challenges. Through our strategic partnerships we have the ability to build a solution based on IBM’s SoftLayer or Microsoft’s Azure, so we can provide Public, Private, and Hybrid combinations that ensure your business can take advantage of a cloud solution that moves you forward effectively and efficiently. Microsoft Azure was recently recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant as a leader in IaaS, PaaS and Saas.

Public Cloud

Micro Strategies’ public cloud solutions deliver high performance without the high cost of large-scale servers and hardware. The heavy lifting is done off site, giving you access to resources on demand, across your organization and beyond. Our public cloud capabilities consist of:

  • Virtual Public and Private hourly and monthly servers
  • Bare Metal hourly and monthly servers
  • Object, Network, SAN, NAS CDN, Mass Storage server resources

Private Cloud

Micro Strategies’ private cloud based solutions are developed with organizations with heavy regulatory obligations in mind. Our private cloud solutions deliver your resources in a secure, dedicated environment based on OpenStack software.

Hybrid Cloud

Our OpenStack hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both worlds. You get the cost control and flexibility of a public cloud solution plus the secure, dedicated environment that comes with a private cloud implementation.

Cloud Security

Every Micro Strategies cloud implementation comes with the strength of our experienced team and proven IBM security solutions. IBM’s comprehensive portfolio of security strategies and solutions focus on visibility, control, and automation to help organizations meet regulatory compliance and defend against threats.

Our cloud architects have over 40 years of combined experience designing and implementing solutions that will focus on security across your entire enterprise, including mobile devices.

Cloud Services

Small and large organizations are utilizing the cloud to deliver responsive IT and innovate how they do business. At Micro Strategies, we assess your specific business demands and use our understanding of the cloud to design a customized, end-to-end, cloud strategy that will help you achieve your revenue and growth goals. Our dedicated team and comprehensive list of cloud services and offerings will make sure your personalized cloud solution helps you exceed expectations while providing maximum value.

Cloud Computing Services

  • Planning Services
    • Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud implementations
    • Perform Cloud Readiness Assessments
    • Understand strategic direction
    • Analyze workload requirements
    • Determine delivery models
    • Define the appropriate Cloud architecture – Private, Hybrid, or Public
    • Help build the business case
  • Cloud Building Services
    • Workload integration
    • Design and construction
    • Quality assurance & testing
    • Security and compliance options
    • Lifecycle management of ESI
  • Cloud Delivery Services
    • Pilot environments for testing application workload
    • Workload integration
    • Design and construction
    • Quality assurance & testing
    • Security and compliance options
    • Lifecycle management of ESI
  • Steps to Consider And How To Get Started
    • Understand the value proposition of Cloud solutions
    • Explore options for Cloud workloads
    • Explore Cloud deployment models

Our Micro Strategies cloud professionals have the skills and experience to understand your industry and identify cloud solutions that best support your business. Our dedicated team of experts will develop an action-oriented strategy and road map to implement and manage a cloud implementation that works for you.