NJ law firms choose Micro Strategies for their IT needs

Startup law firms sought cost effective secure technology without the overhead of dedicated IT staff

The Opportunity

Whether it’s case management, document management, scheduling, or billing, law firms rely heavily on technology. Yet most small law firms lack the money and resources to implement a dedicated IT infrastructure to support their business needs.

Two small New Jersey law firms, both startups, approached Micro Strategies recently seeking a cost-effective yet secure way to meet their IT requirements. Rapid implementation was essential, and hiring dedicated IT staff was out of the question. Both understood the importance of IT to their business, as well as the critical need to keep all information secure.

Hybrid IT and Managed Services Solution

After carefully evaluating the specific needs of each firm, Micro Strategies designed and implemented hybrid IT solutions using on-premises and cloud-based components. One client chose Orion for accounting and iManage Cloud for document management, while the other chose a cloud-based solution that handles both accounting and document management. In each case, Micro Strategies installed and configured all the necessary hardware and software, and provided training to ensure staff were ready for the start of business. For a low monthly cost, Micro Solutions provides ongoing management, monitoring, and 24/7 support, ensuring that technology is always available and information is always secure.

Real Business Results

  1. Fully functioning IT infrastructure to support all essential business functions
  2. Staff trained and ready for start of business
  3. Use of secure cloud-based components to minimize startup time and cost
  4. State-of-the-art technology from premier technology vendors
  5. 24/7 management, monitoring, and support

Solution Components

  1. Software:  iManage, Orion
  2. Hardware:
  3. Networking:
  4. Services: Micro Strategies Architect, Design and Development services

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