Our Banking & Financial Technology Solutions

Banking and Financial Services

At Micro Strategies, our team of experts work with established and emerging technologies to ensure we can offer cutting-edge solutions that fit your specific insurance, banking and financial technology solutions needs and meet customer demands.

 The rapid rate of technology innovation and adoption is already impacting the way you conduct business. New obstacles, like growing demand from mobile and tablet customers, and increased sophistication and “anywhere” access to financial information and transactions, are making staying ahead of information technology and financial regulations a challenge.

 Or consider how limitations caused by the economic climate, regulatory pressures and competition from non-financial organizations affects the business decisions you make. Working to help professional services organizations grow their businesses through innovation has been our backbone since Micro Strategies was founded.

 With our broad range of consulting and technology solutions, we can help you manage custom products and services, improve productivity and efficiency in back-end process and infrastructure and harness and use data for more useful customer insights and engagement. You’ll be able to give customers the convenience, control, transparency and security they need, while maximizing profits.

 Your ability to meet and exceed customer demands is only as strong as your ability to be resilient against potential risks. Like most businesses, risk mitigation and resiliency are a top priority for you. The lack of risk identification and awareness is costing financial institutions like yours millions of dollars each year. This is why having hands on financial IT solutions is so important in this era.  Our dedicated team of business risk experts can guide you toward the best solutions to reduce risk, increase resiliency and protect your institution’s reputation.

Solutions we offer

•    Document Management
•    Loan Processing
•    Invoice Processing
•    Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration
•    Business Process Management
•    Design, Development and Implementation
•    Support and Staff Augmentation
•    Deal Document Management Solutions
•    Collaboration and Communications Tools
•    Other Banking software solutions

Risk Management Services

The insurance industry currently faces an unprecedented level of change. Our risk management consultants understand customers want self-service, which challenges your ability to improve profitability while managing large volumes of data and balancing the demands of regulatory change.

Through innovative information technology solutions, Micro Strategies helps build the efficiency and agility your business needs to optimize operations. Our staff can also help you harness and protect your data, making sure that you and your customers have access to pertinent information when and where it’s needed, so you can be confident your data and reputation are secure.