Service Partner for Lenovo

Micro Strategies is delighted to be a Lenovo Business Partner and an authorized reseller under Lenovo's WSCA/NASPO contract, #B27168 and for the State of New Jersey, #70263; providing New Jersey's public sector state and local governments and education clients with outstanding Lenovo products and at the special rates this contract allows. As an online Lenovo service and channel partner, we’re able to provide our customers with excellent equipment and services at great prices.

Also we are a member of the Lenovo WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization.

What is the WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization?

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) formed a subsidiary entity, the NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization (WSCA-NASPO), to manage its national cooperative purchasing program. WSCA-NASPO was formed in October of 2012 and began operating officially on January 1, 2013.

A 21-member Management Board has been appointed to oversee the operations and activities of the new organization.

Since 1993, the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) served as the primary cooperative purchasing arm of NASPO and encouraged, fostered, and guided participating members to work collaboratively in an effort to create true procurement cooperatives. WSCA-NASPO represents a unified, nationally-focused cooperative purchasing program that will leverage the collective expertise and experience of WSCA and NASPO, aggregate the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the five organized territories, and their political subdivisions and other eligible entities, and help spur innovation and competition in the marketplace.

 All authorized governmental entities in any state are welcome to use WSCA-NASPO cooperative contracts with the approval of that state's State Chief Procurement Official. Cooperative purchasing benefits states as well as cities, counties, public schools, institutions of higher education and other eligible entities.


Important WSCA/NASPO Links:
Ordering/Purchase Orders use the following address:
Micro Strategies, Inc.
1140 Parsippany Blvd
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Include the following on each Purchase Order submitted to Micro Strategies, Inc:
As per Lenovo's WSCA/NASPO contracts B27168 and New Jersey #70263.

To learn more about Lenovo products, call our WSCA Reseller Rep:

Heather Pereira
973-625-7721 x6474