Customer contact centers are at the center of a growing number of interactions, communications and customer journeys. As regulations become more stringent and the level of interactions between customers and businesses become increasing complex and demanding, it’s imperative that contact centers have a recording and compliance solution in place that can be used for quality management, fraud prevention, conflict resolution and compliance—one that minimizes risk, meets regulations and captures all interactions regardless of when or where they occur.

Call Recording & Call Monitoring for Commercial Enterprises

Micro Strategies’ digital voice recording (DVR) and quality assurance solution for commercial organizations is a group of technologies designed to meet the reliability and performance requirements of today’s modern workloads. Our team of experts, drawing on their knowledge of compliance and industry norms, work with you to understand your unique business needs and provide a solution that can include a range of features from screen recording, analytics and real-time monitoring to data retention, redaction and resiliency. 

DVR icons_scalability

High availability & scalability

DVR icons_functional

Feature rich solution offering many functional capabilities

DVR icons_granual

Granular user access control

DVR icons_reporting

Analytics & reporting that provide insights for operational success

DVR icons_integration

Integration with a variety of platforms & technologies

DVR icons_hybrid

Supports, cloud, on-premise or hybrid cloud recording


  • Superior reliability and data security due to granular user access control
  • Uniform user experience with every caller
  • Ability to standardize business messaging
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Ease of use