The education system continues to experience challenges across several areas that have an impact on student success and institutional outcomes. Impacts are seen in enrollment, recruitment, admissions, college readiness, persistence, engagement, graduation, employability, and other critical areas.

As institutional leaders are faced with these challenges, a new way of processing data is needed; one that matches the demands of student success and institutional outcomes.

Traditional approaches can’t support the fast and iterative data exploration required by higher education institutions today. Administrators, who need to make decisions based on the merits of data and thorough analysis, cannot wait for integration projects to be completed before analyzing and gaining insight from their data.



In partnership with Crimson Data Analytics, we have engineered customized practical solutions to identify and prioritize institutional challenges with a centralized platform.  Drawing the unique combination of industry knowledge and domain expertise in education, transformation, prediction analytics and artificial intelligence, our hands-on team of industry experts have developed ways that the data can be visualized for easier distribution and interpretation to drive institutional outcomes.

COVID-19 has caused significant strain on the students’ experience and the learning institution’s outcomes:

  1. Digital transformation of on-campus and virtual operations

  2. Student enrollment & attendance

  3. Student retention & revenue recovery

  4. Engagement & persistence to graduation

  5. Learning loss, mental health & wellness

  6. Value of the school experience, reputation & relevancy

  • Targeted and rapid needs assessment to understand key variables of student success to drive the analytics’ models and establish strategies
  • Data-driven prioritization of actions and allocation of funds to optimize the educational experience and institutional outcomes
  • Needs-based machine learning model, providing continual predictions to proactively manage and optimize the educational experience
  • Customized data analytics solutions with actionable individualized dashboards and reporting tools for everyday use and management



Platform of pre-built connectors to access data anywhere

A centralized data hub for simple, secure collaboration

Predictive and prescriptive models to drive enrollment, persistence and student success

Preconfigured individualized dashboards and alerts for actionable insights

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