GENIO - Rapid Analytics for Big Data

Solution Overview

GENIO Maximizes resource utilization and operational efficiency for your analytics platform. Collect, analyze, draw conclusions and make recommendations based on operational metrics to ensure performance, capacity and reliability. Provides a simplified Real-Time Data Platform for Business Analytics and Visualization.

Solution Details

The Micro Strategies solution consists of highly integrated and customizable components that can be deployed individually or as a complete integrated solution. Depending on the customer's requirements, our solution can leverage IBM® PureData for Analytics™ powered by Netezza, IBM® Cognos® and IBM® SPSS®, and IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server to enable organizations to make more accurate and informed decisions through continuous reporting and analysis. All modules can be fully integrated, allowing for the aggregation of data across analytic entities and enabling organizations to align their strategic and operational planning activities to achieve better outcomes. The modules are comprised of the following:

Micro Strategies GENIO Toolset

GenioBuilt on IBM® Cognos® technologies, the GENIO toolset combines performance metrics, capacity planning and departmental chargeback functionality in a simple and user- friendly visualization tool. Leveraging key persisted data elements, the GENIO toolset helps organizations determine how critical resource performance has trended over the past hours, days, weeks or months and allows for proactive management of resource growth and service level management.

Enhanced Reliability leveraging Backup and Replication Technologies

With our deep understanding of Netezza Replication, we have developed a repeatable solution that provides quick start procedures, individual databases analysis, remediation solutions and end to end installation.

Predictive Analytics

Our services enable organizations to leverage SPSS® for predicative capabilities. In conjunction with our GENIO installation, we work with customers to implement or enhance/tune their SPSS® environments.

Data Integration

In order to successfully implement any of our Big Data, Cognos® or SPSS® solutions, Micro Strategies will often leverage IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server for data integration and data connectivity.



The Micro Strategies solution allows customers to leverage the capabilities of one or all of the Watson Foundations products wrapped into a solution offering including: IBM® PureData for Analytics™, IBM® Netezza® Replication, IBM® SPSS®, IBM® Cognos® and IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server. The solution provides data integration into a centralized repository and wraps the predicative and graphical visualization capabilities. Our solution allows customers to start small and gradually incorporate additional elements of the Micro Strategies framework of services.

Below is the list of the most common features:

  • Predictive and content analytics to uncover patterns not yet known
  • Interactive exploration across all data current and past system utilization
  • Real-time analytics as data flows through an organization
  • Governance across complete data lifecycle including Hadoop
  • Resource trending & ability to forecast future system capacity needs
  • Identify high cost and poorly written SQL
  • Query growth / usage by business unit


The Micro Strategies Watson Foundations Optimization services can help organizations optimize their analytics investment by leveraging our ability to:

  • Provide Quick Start implementation services
  • Rapidly implement analytic solutions and shorten time to market
  • Minimize 2nd Day Support challenges by ensuring our clients are fully trained
  • Develop solutions that can scale to accommodate the ever evolving 'big data' paradigm