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Businesses today rely on technology to stay competitive and function effectively and efficiently. Modern technologies like big data and analytics, mobile, virtualization, and cloud computing are driving the need for data centers with more power, cooling, higher-speed connectivity and security. With Micro Strategies as your trusted technology advisor, you can be certain your mission-critical facilities will meet next-generation technology requirements, along with directives to reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide additional capacity.

From small and medium-sized organizations to Fortune 500 companies, Micro Strategies consulting and managed services deliver the resources required to meet the demands of your IT environment now and in the future.  Our tested IT infrastructure implementations run in the background so you can take your business forward.

Our Data Center Solutions include:

Data Center Evaluation and Selection
Our infrastructure consultation team works to understand your business needs while taking into account existing facilities, geographic location, disaster and risk avoidance, architecture, power and cooling systems, so you can balance costs and performance, all in an effort to exceed your return on investment.  In collaboration with our strategic partners and state-of-the-art testing environments, Micro Strategies can design and implement effective systems that keep your servers, mainframes, storage devices and applications running at peak performance. And with our recognized flexibility and expertise, we can implement a solution that fits your unique business demands while meeting industry standards and certifications.

Micro Strategies offers more than 30 years of experience across numerous industries and technology platforms. Our team represents the full line of IBM System Storage technology, from tape libraries and flash disks to storage area networks and network-attached storage. We provide a wide range of storage solutions, from evolving storage architectures to meet virtualized server needs, to implementing high-availability storage solutions across your enterprise.

Servers are the backbone of your Micro Strategies custom-designed IT infrastructure, and the right implementation will meet the specific demands of your organization while staying flexible enough to allow you to meet your growth goals.

Data Center Consolidation and Application Migrations
Consolidation and application migration, are the key to lowering data center operation costs and risks. Micro Strategies makes the consolidation migration experience safe, seamless and simple by utilizing a proven process and innovative tools that successfully identify and manage each stage of the migration.

Cloud Solutions
With a Micro Strategies’ cloud infrastructure and our hosted solutions, customers can employ enterprise-class capabilities that provide flexible, modular growth on‑demand.  Our team analyzes your specific enterprise cloud objective and implements cloud management services that provide an array of remote service offerings to support your private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Virtualization Solutions
Micro Strategies helps you simplify the virtualization of your IT infrastructure. Our virtualization services team can design flexible IT infrastructures that allow your organization to allocate IT resources as required. And with our virtual maturity model, we will assess your current status and then work to maximize the business benefits that virtualization can offer.

Hyperconverged Solutions
Hyperconvergence is a computing infrastructure for virtual workloads. Specifically, it's one that seamlessly combines all of the IT components and services below the hypervisor into an x86 building block. Hyperconvergence means there are no silos of independent IT components. And, there's no need to manage discrete devices or have specialized training in component-level technology, such as storage area networks (SANs). Hyperconvergence simplifies IT infrastructure, which makes operations more efficient and cost effective. It improves the speed and agility of deploying resources for virtual workloads.
Disaster Recovery
Micro Strategies understands how detrimental data loss can be to the success of your organization. From network breaches to operating system and application bugs, hardware failures, power outages or natural disasters, organizations are relying on preventative measures more than ever. That's why we offer a unified information management approach across the entire enterprise that keep your disaster recovery plan current.

Total data protection hinges on a thorough back-up and recovery strategy, one that can demonstrate compliance with applicable standards, regulations and laws. Our practice includes supporting unstructured business information, e-mail, archiving and back-up solutions; designing business, litigation and regulatory data storage and retrieval solutions; handling data migration; and performing data shredding or destruction in compliance with standards set out by the Department of Defense.

Our Systems & Networks Solutions Include:

Your specific needs dictate the kind of operating system environment that will drive your IT infrastructure. So whether you are rolling out the latest version of windows, implementing a complete overhaul of desktops and servers or are planning to support “bring-your-own-device,” our reliable operating system offerings, combined with our experience and dedication to fulfilling your unique goals, ensure you get the right operating system to fit your current and future needs.

Innovating your business with state-of-the-art technology requires major increases in bandwidth, making a high performance network crucial to keeping your business up and running. Micro Strategies network team will design and implements robust, scalable and secure networks that are built for growth.