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Managing Content, Processes, and People

Your technology can become a competitive advantage when you use it to optimize information flow, lower organizational risk, and increase operational efficiencies. Micro Strategies delivers industry-leading expertise and state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your unique business needs for managing content, processes, and people.

Content Services Platform (CSP), formerly ECM

Your business's ability to create, collaborate on, and share content will accelerate and expand with the right content services platform (CSP). Micro Strategies has the expertise and strategic partnerships to help you transform your existing enterprise content management (ECM) solution into a state-of-the-art CSP that serves your business's needs. This will empower your people to focus on growing your business instead of spending valuable time searching for content, documents, and information.

  • Consult. You'll gain unprecedented visibility into and control of your workflows and processes as we engage with you consultatively to comprehensively define and map them.
  • Evaluate. You'll zero in on the optimal way to organize your data as we perform a road map assessment and propose a solution that fits your business.
  • Implement. You'll enjoy a seamless experience as we fully implement solutions tailored to your content and organization structure.
  • Train. Your organization will receive comprehensive training from our consultants, who will be on-site and available to help roll out impactful technology and systems.

Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS), formerly BPM

Your business can collaborate in real time across social media, mobile, and cloud when you leverage innovative solutions at the intersection of people, machines, and things. An intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS) incorporates and extends the capabilities of traditional business process management (BPM) tools to deliver that powerful collaboration capability. iBPMS solutions integrate advanced analytics, real-time activity monitoring, and decision management, enabling you to coordinate and manage the interactions of process participants.

  • Business process expertise. You’ll gain all the benefits of our extensive business process and IT expertise as we apply innovative technology to drive improved results for your business. 
  • IT solutions expertise and certifications. You’ll see rapid results as our subject matter experts and certified technology professionals design and deploy business solutions that meet your exact business needs.
  • Collaborative approach. You’ll see seamless improvements as our collaborative, customer-centric professionals deliver cost-effective end-to-end solutions tailored to your business.

Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), formerly Content Capture

You will unleash your staff's collaboration and productivity when you tap into the power of a content collaboration platform (CCP). The next step beyond traditional content capture, CCP solutions provide secure file distribution and content collaboration. A CCP brings you features such as mobile access to content repositories and the ability to share files with people and applications inside or outside the organization. CCP can leverage public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud or on-premises architectures.

  • Solutioning and consultation expertise. You’ll see obstacles disappear and solutions take center stage when our experienced consultants engage with your business to identify, deploy, and maintain content collaboration platform solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Technology agnosticism. You can be confident that the solutions Micro Strategies proposes for your business are best fits for your unique content collaboration needs.
  • Integration expertise and experience. You’ll experience seamless productivity gains as our integration professionals deliver collaboration solutions, leveraging best practices to avoid disrupting your enterprise.

Reach out to us to learn how we can help you cost-effectively manage content, personalize customer interactions, and streamline your digital business without sacrificing performance.

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