Simplified Real-Time Data Platform for Business Analytics and Visualization

Competitive organizations strive to sense and respond to relevant data changes throughout the day. With the growing data volume and data integration challenges, the ability to use advanced analytics to drive better decision making and to gain insight has become urgent. Therefore, organizations across a broad range of industries are using new analytical solutions to help capitalize on the tremendous volume and variety of available data.

Micro Strategies, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide leadership to organizations facing the challenges of better integrating data across the business. We provide experience and guidance to our clients on how to best leverage today’s modern analytics, reporting, and data platforms.

Our Pronto integration appliance and data platform enables any line of business to better use their data and achieve results, without the need for lengthy IT projects.

The Pronto solution provides the ability to:

  • Handle large volumes of information continuously vs. within a batch window
  • Conduct business 24x7
  • Detect and respond to business events as they happen
  • Track all changes for auditing purposes
  • Synchronize data across the enterprise
  • Rapidly deploy new applications using data on legacy systems

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