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Briefings at one of our EBICs are tailored for you and your business; addressing your needs, challenges, opportunities and goals. This is your opportunity to engage in candid discussions with our executives and technical experts and dive deep into our solutions and the technologies behind them.

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Collaborate with our team while exploring a range of topics including analytics, security, hybrid IT and business process and content services.


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Explore how data can inform key business decisions regarding security, analytics, infrastructure, business processes and business and technology operations.

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See demos of our solutions and learn about the supporting technology.

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Participate in personalized discussions that address your business challenges and solutions that drive competitive advantage for your organization.

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Learn how businesses like yours have worked with Micro Strategies to implement solutions that drive business results.

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Visit one of the Micro Strategies EBICs and learn how our solutions help you leverage your data and technology to drive business results.

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Learn how you can use data and technology to drive business results and inform key business decisions.

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Explore our solutions and the technology behind them while learning how to address your business challenges.

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