biggest cyber security threats 2022

Here are the 5 biggest cyber security threats faced by your company today

Hackers can manipulate your business, steal data, and cause damages worth millions of dollars. Therefore it is important to invest in a cyber security solution for your business. We have described the 5 biggest cyber security threats to businesses. Read about them below.

Cloud Vulnerabilities

  • As more businesses are shifting their resources to the cloud platform, hackers are also directing their attention to this new space of opportunities. If a business’s cloud platform does not have enough security measures in place, it may get breached by a hacker.

A breached cloud results in data loss, data eavesdropping, employee and client spying, as well as opening the doors for a massive ransomware attack. Hackers also prefer breaching clouds to launch their own phishing attacks on a large scale.

DDoS Attacks

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks affect the bandwidth and resources of a target server. A hacker can overwhelm a server by sending too many requests, thus ultimately causing the target server to crash. A successful DDoS attack usually requires several infected computers, or a compromised internet connection.

There have been several famous DDoS attacks which ultimately led to widespread service disruptions. In September 2017, Google reported that it stopped a 17Tbps DDoS attack from affecting its servers.

Wireless Internet Security Breaches

  • biggest cyber security threats 2022Wireless internet, including 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi are prone to security breaches unless adequate measures are taken in advance. In the absence of specialized security solutions, hackers can not only hack a network, but they can also access what data is being transmitted. If calls are being made via the internet, hackers can potentially tap into and hear the calls too.

Wireless internet breaches coupled with malware that is already present in mobile and computer can wreak havoc. Similarly, a hacker can use your internet for their criminal activities, thus remaining untraceable.

Phishing Attacks

  • A phishing attack most commonly occurs through email. Hackers send you a fake email using an email address that is closely related to a person, company, or a service you trust. The email appears authentic. It contains links which redirect to dummy websites mimicking the real ones. Once you enter your details such as email addresses, passwords, PINs or security information, hackers have immediate access.

Cyber security specialists reported that out of all cyber attacks in 2019, more than 70% were attributed to phishing attacks. Most of such attacks resulted in data breaches and financial losses. Phishing is a relatively newer type of cyber security threat, which is why it has affected so many businesses and people.


  • Ransomware is a special program developed by hackers. Once it infects your computer, it encrypts all your files. After the encryption process is complete, it locks you out. Thus you are unable to access your data. Ransomware then displays a message that unless you pay the hackers, usually in cryptocurrency, all of your data will be erased.

Once your computer has been infected, it is very difficult to remove ransomware and get your data back. Last year, COVID-19’s research data at University of California was compromised through ransomware. The hackers demanded over 1 million US$ to release the data. Another high-profile case was related to Canon. A hacking group called Maze claimed responsibility for this breach and reportedly stole over 10TB of data.

  • This data shows that every business, whether small or big, should have some sort of cybersecurity strategy in place to protect their data.

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