A Tectonic Shift is Changing the Face of SMBS

Compete big. At any size.

A tectonic shift is changing the face of SMBs. Gone are the days when smaller companies couldn’t compete with bigger, more established companies because of budget constraints and limited IT resources. Technological advances have evened out the playing field, allowing SMBs to improve business productivity, lower costs, increase revenue and profitability, and drive innovation at speeds and levels never seen before.

Creating Business Outcomes With Confidence

There are four key areas that can help SMB IT decision-makers close the gap between business demands and IT capabilities by utilizing flexible, right-sized solutions that are simple, reliable and affordable. 


It’s the backbone of a nimble business. When IT is simple to manage and teams can collaborate anywhere, anytime, business is proactive instead of reactive. A unified communications (UC) strategy with mobile at the center lets businesses easily connect employees, customers and suppliers to support collaboration and drive productivity.


A strong IT environment lets you push business applications to their full potential so your company can gain deeper insights about your customers and make smart decisions more rapidly. No matter how fast you grow, you need additional storage capacity and availability options, support for database services, and more intensive processing applications, as well as locations for proprietary line-of-business applications.  

Cost Control

Complexity can hinder profitability. To gain the most from IT investments. SMBs need virtualization solutions that will allow them to aggregate servers, storage and networking into a single pool that can be assigned to applications from a single management console. So as your business grows, complexity and costs don’t.

Running Efficiently

In a world of connected devices, everyone is concerned about security and the risk of cyberattack. Business needs to run with enterprise-grade network security and continuity solutions that span backup, instant restart, single-site and multisite disaster recovery, and cloud services. The key is to safeguard the business while freeing up manpower to focus on initiatives that help drive customer loyalty.

Just Right IT Brings it All Together for SMBs

Whether you’re launching a new business or just looking to grow, the infrastructure experts at Micro Strategies have more than 30 years of experience in helping set SMBs up with the same IT as Fortune 50 companies at a fraction of the price. By using the latest Just Right IT solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise we can help you effectively manage, protect and grow your business. Contact us for a free IT consultation.

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