what are cloud computing trends in 2022

Read on to learn about the cloud computing trends in 2022

As organizations are adopting data-driven marketing approaches and hybrid working environments, cloud computing is becoming more widespread. To keep up with the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, companies need to keep an eye on the latest trends in cloud computing.

This article provides a rundown of cloud computing trends that business organizations need to follow in 2022 and beyond.

Deploying The Edge Computing

  • Edge computing is a type of computing in which operations do not occur within a data center. It is the newest approach to data processing that involves computation and storage within a localized network near the network’s edge. The network’s edge is the point where end devices connect to a network to communicate with the central server.

Each edge server has discrete capabilities for networking, computing, and storage. This enables each device to have functions for security, load balancing, network switching, and routing. Cloud computing and edge computing complement each other in a way that benefits businesses. The use of both these technologies allows organizations to have lower bandwidth usage, instant data processing, and little latency in response time along with the benefits of the cloud.

Growing Demands For Serverless Computing

  • It is estimated that the demand for serverless technologies will escalate by 22.6% by 2026. In the serverless computing model, the consumers do not have to handle server provisioning and infrastructure management. Instead, these underlying infrastructures are handled by the cloud provider, and compute resources are allocated depending on the current needs.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of serverless computing for businesses:

  • It allows organizations to rely on a pay-as-you-go service so they do not have to pay to get fixed amounts of bandwidth or storage.
  • Takes the burden of server management off the in-house team.
  • Instead of spending time on complex server clusters, the in-house team can utilize the time on coding and innovating.
  • Serverless platforms are automatically scaled without requiring any intervention from the in-house team. This eliminates the risk of over or under-provisioning.
  • It reduces the risk of backend failures.

The growing popularity of serverless computing provides an opportunity for organizations to increase team agility and lower expenses.

More AI and ML Adoptions

  • High data bandwidth and processing power are required by all machine learning and AI platforms. These capabilities are much more affordable with the cloud than other routes. AI complements cloud services by helping them manage data while gaining insights into consumer behavior, likes, and dislikes. In addition, cloud tech provides a smart way to make AI more accessible and cost-effective.

Experts predict that by 2028, the AI market value will escalate to $850 billion. Cloud computing has a major contribution to the development of emerging AI techs including creative algorithms and language modeling. Cloud computing will help deliver AI-based services to users. The use of the cloud in AI is beneficial for both large companies as well as small and low-tech businesses.

Cloud-Native Kubernetes

  • cloud computing trends in 2022Blockchain technology provides a digital ledger that is tamper-free and can keep records of the data without relying on a central authority. Blockchain is a turning point but it has issues with scaling, management, and big data storage. Kubernetes, which is an open-source system for scaling apps, helps by promptly scaling a blockchain environment.

Blockchain and Kubernetes are a great fit for each other and companies are inclining toward these technologies. Deployment of blockchain and its components with the help of cloud-native Kubernetes clusters is expected to be a standard of adoption for solving blockchain’s complexity and integration concerns.

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