top cloud security challenges

The top 4 cloud security challenges that every business owner should be aware of are listed below

Cloud security refers to strategies, policies, sets of controls, and procedures utilized in a cloud network to protect cloud-based systems and infrastructure. It is essential to apply up-to-date security approaches to keep pace with the growing world of technology. Therefore, we have provided a comprehensive view of the top 4 cloud security challenges that organizations need to address.

Misconfiguration Issues

  • One of the leading causes of cloud data breaches is the misconfiguration of cloud security settings. This happens when the organizations’ cloud security management strategies fail to protect the cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure is designed to be user-friendly; it enables users to conveniently use and share data. Thus, making it difficult for organizations to ensure authorized access to data.

In addition, cloud-based infrastructures usually rely on security controls provided by their cloud service provider (CSP). These organizations do not have complete visibility and control over their infrastructure. This can create loopholes thereby leaving resources exposed to attackers.

Here are a few ways to combat this problem:

  • Special attention should be paid to the data that is accessible over the internet.
  • Define the business value of your data and the effects of data loss.
  • Develop a strong security policy and incident response plan.

Inadequate Cloud Security Architecture

  • Several organizations switch to the cloud without developing a proper security architecture and strategy. Organizations must understand the threats they might be exposed to, techniques to migrate the security breaches, and the ins and outs of the shared responsibility model before migrating to the cloud.

Proper planning is crucial for preventing organizations from risks of cyber-attacks. Cyber attacks can cause financial losses, irreversible reputational damage, as well as legal and compliance issues.

Here are a few things that should be done:

  • Organizations must ensure their security architecture aligns with their goals and objectives.
  • Plan, develop, and implement a robust security architecture framework.
  • Conduct continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Identity And Access Management Issues

Most of the cybersecurity and cloud security threats are associated with identity and access management (IAM) issues. These issues stem from:

  • Inadequate credential protection
  • Improper password and certificate rotation
  • Challenges related to identity and access management scalability
  • Lack of multifactor authentication
  • Weak passwords

Standard IAM challenges are accelerated by cloud use. Excessive admin accounts, users bypassing IAM controls, and challenges related to defining roles and privileges are some additional concerns.

Organizations can mitigate these challenges by:

  • Implementing two-factor authentication
  • Employing strict IAM controls for cloud users and identities
  • Restricting access privileges, removing unused credentials, and employing programmatic key management

Insider Threats

  • A huge responsibility for information security lies on the employees of an organization. A minor mistake or negligence can result in a significant loss for your organization. Employees that are unaware of the cybersecurity practices subject the company’s information to cyberattacks.

Whether through negligence or accident, current and former employees, contractors, partners, etc. can expose an organization to data breaches, downtime, reduced customer confidence, and financial losses.

To prevent these issues employees should stay updated with advanced cybersecurity measures.

  • cloud security challengesOrganizations should update their employees about the latest data security practices during the onboarding period.
  • Employ advanced verification methods such as multi-factor verification to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the data.
  • Conduct security awareness training
  • Address misconfigured cloud servers and restrict access to critical data.

Organizations can have a bulletproof cybersecurity structure by combining threat detection operations with the IT team’s expertise. A dedicated cybersecurity team of professionals should work vigilantly with employees to conduct penetration tests and find security gaps in the system.

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