Cybersecurity is Trending and for Bad Reasons

Why a Complete Security Program is More Important than Ever!

Security is a real and constant concern. In fact, over the last several years, cybercrime has increased exponentially. Just last month, cyberattacks led to the disruption of various top sites such as PayPal, Twitter, Spotify and other clients of the New Hampshire based infrastructure company called Dyn1. This attack spread across hundreds of thousands of internet connected devices, causing outages that extended across the U.S. and overseas.1

As more people and businesses gravitate to the online environment, the playing field for cyber criminals continues to grow. The secret underground world where criminals dabble in trade of malware, botnets and bitcoins is changing every day and the activity is becoming even harder to track and defend against. The episode mentioned before is only a fraction of the evidence that cybercrime is evolving and becoming more complex than ever. According to research conducted by Ponemon Institute, security breaches alone have spiked 23% since 2013, averaging losses of over $4 million per incident.2

The millions that fall victim to this malicious activity can be users who are simply checking their email at home or firms who have an expansive network and are connected 24/7. That said, businesses with a broader network are likely to become the next BIG target for these criminal masterminds. Being aware of the rise of cybercrime is just the first step, developing and implementing a security program is becoming more vital, especially for businesses whose risk and losses are even greater. Therefore, more and more companies are turning to more robust solutions to properly secure their networks and become more resilient.

Just because you’re compliant, does not mean you’re secure!

Here at Micro Strategies, we leverage our extensive business process and IT expertise in order to drive real business results for our clients. Our team of security experts can help you prioritize and leverage industry best practices for achieving a manageable level of security for any business. Let us help you design and implement a proactive security program that is most suitable to your business.

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