By Kelley Curtis, Marketing Manager

With many people working remotely, it is imperative that organizations ensure people have the proper resources to manage their virtual environment and remote employee experience (EX). As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the risk to people’s well-being and mental health increases significantly.

Given the pandemic, we recognize the potential impact that extended isolation can have on people’s mental health, and are sharing several things with our own team members, customers & clients, and partners:

  • Articles and guides on working remotely and maintaining a healthy work/ life balance with strategies for personal well-being
  • Links to resources for your employees on how to navigate feelings of isolation.

The resources we’ve gathered are below. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know at

With so much focus on the negative side of the pandemic and its on-going impacts, it’s also important to acknowledge the power of community that’s been developed through social media and online networking. Follow us on LinkedIn to join in on the conversations we’re having.

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