Corporate America is adapting to a “new normal” during the coronavirus pandemic, and while we are united in not knowing what the new normal will be, the immediate challenge is managing a virtual workplace, including being productive within a virtual environment, and finding new ways to communicate, network and collaborate.

Understanding the challenges that our customers, partners, and others are facing, we are sharing several things in this blog:

  • Articles and guides on how to not only manage but lead a virtual workforce
  • Links to resources on how to effectively work remotely and ensure the cyber hygiene of your workforce

Additionally, we hosted a open forum for business & technology leaders, including Robert Claybrook and Andrew Laudato, where we explored how leaders are addressing their challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Watch the full webcast here.

The resources we’ve gathered are below.  If you have additional suggestions, please let us know at

Leadership & Virtual Workplace Management

Tips for Working Remotely

Cybersecurity & Working Remotely

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