Unlocking the Value in Your Business Data

In today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, the likelihood is that your IT and management teams are under increasing pressure to take advantage of all the value your business data can reveal. Most likely, they are doing this with fewer resources and tools at their disposal due to budget constraints, headcount and the inability to truly understand the value of data.

As your business grows, you’re collecting an increasing amount of customer data. In many cases, the amount of data retained per customer is also increasing. The end result is a massive amount of data points that need to be stored, protected, managed and analyzed. With more data come more tools and more applications that can quickly become too much for an existing IT infrastructure to handle.

Speed Business Growth With a Smarter Data Strategy

To fully benefit from the availability of this data, SMBs need a strong and healthy IT environment that allows them to synthesize the information provided, extrapolate insights, and facilitate the flow of information quickly and affordably. Micro Strategies leverages the latest high-performance technologies and solutions that help decision-makers gain insights from all types of data—from traditional databases to high-visibility social media sources.

Storage Solutions That Handle More Workloads, More Simply

Reliable storage solutions—virtualization, file sharing, backup and data protection—that are scalable, fast and affordable can help to solve immediate data management problems and will lay the groundwork for accelerated IT growth.

CRM Solutions to Improve Customer Connections

By running your CRM on an optimized mix of servers, storage, networking and software, you can easily and affordably synchronize your sales, marketing and customer service for ignited business growth.

Simplified BI Solutions to Accelerate Growth  

Business intelligence (BI) solutions enable SMBs to leverage existing intelligence to convert data into actionable insights, improve IT operations and deliver a strong ROI.

The Right Solutions Based on the Right Technology

As an expert in the SMB space, Micro Strategies helps IT decision-makers join forces with technology leaders like Hewlett Packard Enterprise to create and implement effective data strategies. We leverage HPE’s Just Right IT Solutions to turn data into insights and create a data pathway to success. By focusing on business priorities and outcomes, we enable organizations to unlock and leverage their valuable data to gain deeper insights about customers, make smarter decisions more rapidly and provide a greater return on investment.

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