Many organizations like yours have automated and streamlined their document management process with the Alfresco Digital Workspace.  Yet they are still preparing, signing and executing documents using manual, disconnected processes. 

Micro Strategies’ DocuSign for Alfresco Digital Workspace electronic signature integration extends the content management and collaboration capabilities of the Alfresco Digital Workspace to the eSignature process.

Streamline your process and grow your business with an eSignature solution for Alfresco Digital Workspace

Deliver an intuitive and convenient user experience

Increase productivity and efficiency with the integration between DocuSign and Alfresco Digital Workspace

Take advantage of DocuSign’s suite of capabilities within the Alfresco Digital Workspace

MSI’s eSign Accelerator for Alfresco Digital Workspace allows users to insert eSignatures directly to contracts or documents and send out signature requests from within the Alfresco Digital Workspace. Users no longer need to start a separate workflow just to collect e-signatures and eliminate the need to manage and follow up on collecting signatures.

Transform your eSignature process within Alfresco Digital Workspace

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Adam Storch leads a demo on the Alfresco Digital Workplace & DocuSign