In the last decade, our customer, who acquires, leases and sells commercial jet aircraft to airlines throughout the world, has developed a well-earned reputation with a unique and necessary position in the commercial aircraft leasing industry. Their investment strategy prioritizes risk-adjusted returns that are not limited to any specific asset age grouping and as they’ve invested across the age spectrum, they have continuously looked for opportunities to grow.

At the same time, regulatory compliance within the aviation industry had become increasingly more demanding and many airlines were struggling to deal with the large quantity of their documents in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Ensuring that all documents are completed in time for audit reviews was critical; failure to meet deadlines could mean aircraft being grounded.


To support this growth, the customer approached Micro Strategies to design, develop and implement an Alfresco enterprise content management solution built on Amazon Web Services. The solution streamlines the management of all legal documents related to every deal contract throughout the lifecycle of each of their aircrafts, beginning with the negotiations and initial purchase, continuing with subsequent lease agreements and through the final sale of each aircraft.

The solution, which was uniquely developed using AWS resources, provides our customer with a competitive advantage by allowing them to complete and manage more airline leasing contracts without the need for additional staff. Since the solution is built on AWS, our customer does not have to worry about managing infrastructure and provides employees with global access all while ensuring the scalability and reliability they need to maintain an application that is critical to their business.

During the deployment of these AWS web applications, Micro Strategies followed these best practices:

  • Understand the deployment, installation and configuration characteristics
  • Identify application expectations from initial deployment to future scalability, availability, and backup and recovery requirements
  • Use automation whenever possible for deployment and other tasks to ensure consistency
  • Leverage source code or application repositories that protect the customer’s application suite

Because of the AWS flexibility, this deployment (although unique in nature) has the capability to be repeatable.


The client’s corporate legal group can now successfully and effectively demonstrate compliance with documents for their regulators. The client can keep track of their assets throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft and meet audit and compliance deadlines. The deal document management system, specifically configured for the aircraft leasing industry, provides them with improved management of the inventory of the aircraft, maintaining footprints of deals and assets and increasing time to value.

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