Our customer, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States, began looking for a business continuity solution after another mortgage lender experienced a ransomware attack that lasted for 28 days and resulted in astronomical losses. Recognizing that they would suffer significant financial losses if they were subject to a similar attack, the lender wanted to put protections in place to prevent a similar occurrence. They wanted a solution that anticipated ransomware attacks and vaulted their data so that in the event of an attack, they could quickly recover their data with complete confidence.


When Micro Strategies realized the environment that the customer was looking to secure, the team knew they needed to take a hybrid cloud approach to the solution. Our experts developed a solution that incorporated cloud and on-premise technology leveraging key features and functions of cloud technologies. The solution was comprised of several core components:

  • Data isolation & vaulting: the daily movement of a petabyte of data was automated
  • Scanning: through container orchestration, compute was dynamically provisioned
  • Data validation: Cloud and on-premise workloads were brought together
  • Secure client access: VDI was used to require environment validation


The customer has a dedicated vault environment that ensures their data is isolated. In the case of a cybersecurity business disruption, they can reduce the time spent on remediation and quickly resume operations.
From a business standpoint, the solution has enabled the customer to take steps internally that allowed them to acquire a new category of customers, subsequently growing their business significantly.

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