Micro Strategies’ customer received a security questionnaire from one of their clients.  The customer called Micro Strategies because they had received more than one of these and did not know how to proceed.  They asked Micro Strategies to assist with completing the questionnaires.



With the assistance of one of Micro Strategies’ CISOs, the customer was able to respond to the questionnaire.  It was determined that their information security program was ‘adequate’ but also had some areas for improvement.  Based on the survey findings, the customer asked Micro Strategies to provide them a remediation plan to address those areas and shore up their information security program.


After using Micro Strategies’ CISO Advisory Services, the customer has a more robust information security program.  They also have a NIST based measure of the information security status which provides them with a method to respond to questionnaires they might receive from their clients in the future.

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