85% of companies have a hybrid cloud environment

 73% of large enterprises plan to use the public cloud for backup, archive and DR

Companies rank “data protection,” “IT visibility” and “rapid data growth” among their top storage challenges. How the organization visualizes, manages and protects data, has become just as important as how much capacity the organization provides for data.

Virtualized storage (implemented through software in storage systems or software-defined storage) can dramatically increase operational efficiency, reduce administrative costs, improve data security, and provide cloud-based backup and disaster-recovery capabilities. It also can add these capabilities to storage you own.

Stream this session as we address how organizations can link on-premises storage with public cloud storage while retaining flexibility without introducing new complexity or requiring significant new capital investment. 

As part of the presentation, there is a demonstration of a multi-cloud solution for business continuity using IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on AWS and IBM Storage Insights which allows companies to optimize storage infrastructure using a cloud-based storage management and support platform with predictive analytics.

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Here are some highlights of Micro Strategies’ presentation with IBM and Arrow on how Kelley Curtis, Dave Ficacci, Dan Bongiovanni, and Arash Ardestani see their partners take business continuity to the cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud for Business Continuity

“Obviously workload migration – one of the very important topics of the day – a lot of customers are looking at migrating their data, are migrating their applications, into the cloud and [IBM] Spectrum Virtualize actually provides all the tools and capabilities to allow them to do that. And last not but least, the hybrid multi-cloud for a lot of customers who are looking to extend their data center into a cloud environment. Spectrum Virtualize is a great tool to be able to build that hybrid multi-cloud environment and move workloads from on-prem to the cloud or back.”

The team also demonstrates how the architecture and metadata configuration provide your operation with security and accessibility options for additional users and flexibility in the cloud.

Cloud-based Business Flexibility and Security

“Let’s talk a little bit about the architecture. Essentially how it works is there’s a lightweight data collector and it’s installed in your data center and that is used to stream the performance capacity asset and configuration metadata to your IBM cloud and it’s super simple to employ. I can say with confidence and I can say that knowing, I see some Micro Strategies’ executives on this webinar, that anyone listening right now has the technical wherewithal to install this product. It’s really that simple!

So the metadata from on-site flows to the IBM cloud over HTTPS. It is to secure connection as you can see it’s ISO/IEC 27001 ISM security certified – I have no idea what that means but my security guy tells me that’s very good.

Once it’s up into the cloud its browser-based and it’s obviously intended for the operations and infrastructure team. You can provide additional users access to this dashboard. If you wanted to give it to a line of business, you can do that as you’ll see in the demo here.”

Cloud Continuity Advantages – Support

“One of the biggest advantages, again, of storage insights is the fact that you are now that much closer to IBM support. IBM support has access to obviously all the data that’s going up into the IBM cloud. For them to have that data right at their fingertips, it drastically reduces your time to resolution when you’re troubleshooting tickets.”

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