A Webinar Series on Using Organizational Data for Smarter Decisions and Better Business Outcomes

There’s a projected 6x growth of data generated over the next 3 years. With the growing vastness and complexity of the data landscape, how do you turn your organizational data of today into trusted actionable business insights to answer tomorrow’s questions?

Join Micro Strategies and IBM for a three-part webinar series as we explore how companies are leveraging current data investments to drive strategic decisions to keep up with evolving needs of the organization

Gain insights into:

  • Data challenges that organizations face today and how they’re solving them
  • Practical data strategies to ensure data remains trusted and functional
  • Accelerating the data & analytics journey to deliver applicable, explainable insights that address industry challenges

Session 1:

Speakers: Paul Zikopoulos, Mark Antonio AwadaJuan Nunez, Karim Moti

As organizations seek to fully leverage their data investments, they encounter challenges resulting from diverse data sources, types, structures, environments and platforms. How can you ensure your data strategies align with business goals as they continue to evolve?Join industry experts and thought leaders as they discuss:

  • How can your data be trusted to drive business outcomes?
  • What are the implications of your current data strategy?
  • As data sources continue to expand and evolve, how can your company keep up?

Wednesday, September 22


Session 2:

Speakers: Dirk deRoos, Bob Claybrook, Juan Nunez

What if you could gain insights from your data quickly?  Dive deep into a forward-thinking approach to consolidating data into a single trusted source that drives business outcomes.

Hear from our experts and IBM thought leaders as they discuss how to:

  • Implement a data strategy that represents the ever-evolving nature of your business
  • Simplify data management while dynamically orchestrating disparate data sources across a dynamic landscape
  • Adopt a centralized interface that allows you to spend less time finding the right data and more time exploring data to discover tangible insights for faster response
  • Optimize and accelerate the delivery of data, eliminating inefficient, repetitive, and manual data integration processes

Wednesday, September 29


Session 3:

Speakers: Demet Tatar Ph.D., M.Sc., Bill Shay

What if there was a solution specifically engineered to address some of your top challenges?  In the final session of our webinar series, explore how you can accelerate your data and analytics journey.

Join industry experts and thought leaders as they discuss accelerators—designed to solve common challenges you face while reducing the investment typically required with such complex initiatives—and how they can help you resolve your data and analytics challenges.

Wednesday, October 6



Paul Zikopoulos

Paul is an award-winning professional writer & speaker who’s been consulted on the topic of AI & Big Data by the popular TV show “60 Minutes”. Paul’s been named to dozens of global “Experts to Follow” & 21 books including ‘AI Ladder’ and ’Cloud without Compromise.’

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Mark Antonio Moustapha Awada Ph.D.

Mark Antonio is a top-level, multilingual executive, entrepreneur and scientist with over fifteen years of success in the financial investment industry, starting up and helping global financial businesses grow revenue, mitigate investment risk and achieve aggressive business, operational and financial objectives.

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Juan Nuñez

Juan is Director of Data & Analytics responsible for the strategy, solution delivery, services and sales related to Micro Strategies’ data & analytics practice.

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Karim Moti, MBA

Karim is a Real-Time Data Strategist for manufacturing facilities in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Discrete Manufacturing, and Power.

Dirk deRoos

Dirk is an IBM leader in Worldwide Technical Sales, Big Data.

Bob Claybrook

Bob is Vice President of Hybrid Technologies responsible for the strategy, solution delivery, services and sales related to Micro Strategies’ hybrid IT practice.

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Bill Shay

Bill is Chief Architect of Analytics Solutions at Micro Strategies. Bill has over 20 years of experience in data management, visualization and advanced analytics platforms. 

Bob Claybrook
Demet Tatar, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Demet is the Founder & CEO of Crimson Data Analytics.

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