The dependence of businesses on technology over the past three decades resulted in infrastructure teams building well-defined, optimized systems to ensure their availability to support business needs and business continuity.

All this optimization created rigidity in these systems, resulting in the inability to keep up with the increasing rate of advances in technology and operational changes in business, while leaving them brittle and unable to sustain the shocks of events like our current crisis.

Cloud technologies have quickly become popular because they create flexible infrastructure capacity and capabilities, which are essential for infrastructure teams.  The organizations who have embraced these technologies have become more resilient, but that is no longer enough.  We must leverage these technologies to go beyond resilience and allow organizations to become antifragile and better able to withstand shocks and stress.

“The Chaos Monkey’s job is to randomly kill instances and services within our architecture. If we aren’t constantly testing our ability to succeed despite failure, then it isn’t likely to work when it matters most — in the event of an unexpected outage.” Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror

Join Robert Claybrook and Lisa Cavanagh for an exploratory conversation on leveraging cloud technologies to create an antifragile technology landscape for your business.