Trust, confidentiality & accountability have always formed the basis of the relationship between attorneys and their clients.

Increasingly, hackers have been drawn to law firms because of the massive amounts of valuable documents, technical secrets, financing information, and personal histories of clients. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other security incidents are at an all-time high and expected to increase. In addition, clients, vendors and insurance agencies are asking about cybersecurity practices via security questionnaires.

Cybersecurity has become a necessity of law firm operations. Law firms are expected to:

  • Ensure internal and external security requirements are met
  • Maintain a high level of information privacy & security
  • Enable attorneys to efficiently and effectively serve clients in a secure manner

How do you do all this while still safeguarding the firm’s reputation and preserving your clients’ trust?

Join our experts for a 1-hour session as they take a close look into critical cyber security considerations for law firms of all sizes. Learn from experts on how to best protect your firm from both a policy and technology perspective.  Topics they’ll touch on include:

  • Cyber insurance
  • Risk assessment and internal controls
  • Robust cybersecurity compliance program
  • Crisis response plan for cyberattacks
  • Key technologies for law firms to consider