Micro Strategies, 1909 DIGITAL, and The Context of Things gathered a diverse collection of panelists for a virtual conference on May 8, 2020, to explore our emerging reality while offering perspectives, insights, and guidance for navigating through and beyond this unprecedented time.

This virtual conference enables you to:

  • Explore uncertainty, risk, complexity, resilience, antifragility, and future-proofing from various perspectives
  • Gain insight for how to confront the human, business, and technology challenges caused by the crisis
  • Engage a diverse collection of panelists and discussions 

To survive and thrive as a global community, we must be technology-enabled, business-focused, human-powered, and society-embracing.

In response to COVID-19, social conversations have been expansive, exploring a plethora of topics, including volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, black swans, white swans, gray swans, gray rhinos, risk, resilience, agility, antifragility, future-proofing or future readying, disruption, innovation, systems thinking, complexity thinking, ecosystems, and much more.

From these discussions, uncertainty, risk, complexity, resilience, antifragility, and future-proofing have emerged as the dominant themes. Stream this virtual conference where panelists, representing a broad range of disciplines and businesses, explore these themes in greater depth.


Jaspreet Bindra
Founder, Digital Matters, and author of The Tech Whisperer

Robert Claybrook
Senior Technology Executive and President, Emergence of Tech

Denise DiPiano
Strategic Human Resource Leader

Barry O’Reilly
Founder, Black Tulip Technology


Panel 2: Business-Focused


Nils Brosch

Founder, SAASCollective and SaaS.eu.com

Lisa Calicchio
SVP and Chief Human Capital Management Officer, WCG Clinical (WIRB-Copernicus Group)

Lisa Cavanagh
Transformation Leader and Executive, Micro Strategies

Marisa Silva
Senior Consultant, Wellingtone and Researching Antifragility in Project Management

Guest Speaker

Michele Wucker

Speaker, Strategist

Panel 3: Human-Powered


Si Alhir
Transformation Leader and Executive Coach & Consultant, Entrepreneur

Dana Klisanin
Futurist/Designer/Psychologist and Founder & CEO, Evolutionary Guidance Media

Paige Williams

Panel 4: Society-Embracing


Shalini Lal
Founder, Infinity OD and Unqbe

David Cushman
Owner, Faster Future Consulting, Consultant, 2Y3X

Roderick Lim Banda
Founding Partner, KASE

Igor Mroz 
Founder, Zero Bullshit Management, Project Management Expert and Antifragility Evangelist 

Panel 5: Future-Driven


Paul Battle
Director DCG Distribution and Channel Partners, Lenovo

Michael DePalma
Senior Channel Development Manager, Datto, Inc.

Nick Heddy
Chief Revenue Officer, Pax8

John Newton
Co-founder, Alfresco

Panel 6: Future-Driven


Emily Brand
Chief Architect, Red Hat

Robert Claybrook
Senior Technology Executive and President, Emergence of Tech

Marcus Fowler
Director of Strategic Threat, DarkTrace

James M.T. Morrison
Distinguished Technologist – Cyber Security, (Former FBI Cyber Security Field Agent and Data Architect) Office of the North America CTO, HPE


Organized by Si Alhir