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The following is the list of cybersecurity best practices from top IT companies near you

From healthcare institutions, and government organizations to banks and law firms, any company can fall victim to a cyberattack. Cyber-attacks can vary from data hacking, and insider threats to ransomware and other dangers. To help you prevent cyber-attacks, we have listed the  5 cybersecurity practices that the top IT companies in the U.S follow.

Implement IoT Security

  • The practice of safeguarding IoT devices and the network with which they are connected is referred to as the internet of things (IoT) security. Security cameras, doorbells, smart locks, heating systems, and any other cloud-connected devices are called IoT devices. These devices are potential attack vectors.

One compromised IoT device, for instance, can enable intruders to have access to sensitive information within the organization. Therefore, it is essential to manage these devices properly by implementing robust IoT network security practices.

Follow these corporate security best practices for optimal data safety:

  • To understand the real risk of your devices, conduct regular penetration testing and plan your strategies accordingly.
  • Enable only reliable connections to have access to endpoints by ensuring proper authentication.
  • Avoid using hardcoded credentials. Commonly used passwords are easy to break.
  • Always use a secure and up-to-date router. For additional security, enable the firewall.
  • Support all IoT deployments by developing a scalable security framework.
  • Implement endpoint security solutions.

Implementing these IoT network security practices will ensure no one gains access to your network without authentication.

Conduct Regular Cybersecurity Audits

  • Cybersecurity audits can help you analyze privileged users, third-party vendors, and suspicious movements of your employees. This in turn helps to quickly deal with a sudden cybersecurity incident. The completeness of data found in various sources such as audit log, metadata, and session records determine the quality of an audit.

An audit trail can help your organization in the following ways:

  • Point out the activity of cyber attackers.
  • Delete unused accounts.
  • Helps conduct forensic investigations.
  • Strengthens your cybersecurity strategy by preventing further incidents.

In addition, detailed security logs enable you to obtain information about the activity of privileged users and end users. With this information, a root cause analysis can be easily conducted in case of a security incident.

Determine Shortcomings In Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure

  • One of the essential cybersecurity practices that business organizations need to adopt is minimizing high-risk instruments. Consider the type of data or devices that the attackers are most likely to attack. Whether it’s personal information of the employees, intellectual property, or customer database, implement strict security regulations.

Analyze your current cybersecurity measures for protecting employees and customers and pinpoint the weak points at every level. Once you have determined the shortcomings in your cybersecurity posture, it becomes easier to implement strategies that mitigate these risks.

Deploy Zero Trust Security Policy

  • The zero-trust cybersecurity paradigm restricts potential users, devices, and network systems to gain access to data without undergoing verification procedures. In today’s hybrid and remote working practices, network security has become ambiguous. Therefore, it is critical to implement the most suitable cybersecurity measures.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

  • top IT companiesMultifactor authentication protects critical data by adding an extra layer of security thus, limiting unauthorized access to the network. For instance, even if an intruder hacks your password, there will be a second or third factor of authentication to cross which makes it difficult for attackers to enter your network. This is an advanced cybersecurity strategy that helps secure data and improves access control.

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