Bongiovanni Racing Cobra Jets

Drag racing is a sport where success is measured in inches and mere fractions on the clock. And while a typical race takes just seconds to complete, hours of preparation are commonplace, whether it’s at the shop or at the track. Tuners make intricate adjustments to maximize performance, sometimes it’s a quarter pound of tire pressure, 50 rpm on the launch rpm—even a half degree adjustment to the ignition timing curve can make the difference between spin or win. There are no “do-overs” in drag racing—you either get it right or you’re packing up. Successful racers understand the bevy of variables and possible adjustments, and they educated themselves to maximize the setup—which is both mental and a mechanical…

Check out the full story, “Strategic Situation–Anthony Bongiovanni Combines His Love for Racing and Business, a Quarter-Mile at a Time

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