top counter-measures against ransomware

To protect your network, learn the top 3 counter-measures against ransomware attack

As the tactics of cybercriminals are evolving, so should the cybersecurity practices to counteract these attacks grow. Therefore, up-to-date ransomware defense strategies should be the priority of any individual or business. Keep reading to learn about countermeasures that can help you protect against ransomware attacks.

Encourage Employee Awareness And Administrative Controls

  • Implementation of administrative controls can help mitigate the risk and impact of ransomware attacks. Design security awareness programs to ensure that your employees understand the dos and don’ts of email phishing and security. Employee awareness and knowledge play a critical role in improving email security and reducing the number of cybersecurity threats. Help your employees transform from targets to defenders by equipping them with tricks and techniques to identify, avoid and report malicious emails.

This will help keep the organization’s critical information, operations, and finances safe. The employee awareness programs should focus on safe computing practices. The employees must know how to look out for malicious emails. The use of routine microlearning tools can be additionally helpful. They help users enhance their knowledge about common email security threats.

Best Practices

The following are some good practices that should be covered by security awareness training programs:

  • Beware of the suspicious email links and attachments.
  • Match the email address with the companies, work colleagues, or friends to ensure emails are from a legit source.
  • Be wary of the emails that trigger you to take immediate action by saying that your account or personal information has been compromised.
  • Be careful of the emails that provide a link to claim the prize by saying that you have won a prize.

Implement Endpoint Security

  • Endpoint security is a critical aspect of growing businesses. As businesses begin to expand the number of end-users rises creating more endpoints in the form of laptops, smartphones, servers, etc. that need to be protected. Each of these remote endpoints provides a potential opportunity for cybercriminals. Thus, enabling them to access private data or the main network.

Installation of endpoint protection platforms (EPP) or endpoint detection and response (EDR) is crucial whether you are running a small- or large-scale business. By using these technologies businesses can monitor and manage the security of each remote device. EDR focuses on responding to and reversing the threats that have affected the network. Thus, EDR is a slightly more advanced technology than EPP in this respect.

An array of protection tools included in EPP and EDR are:

  • Anti-malware
  • Data encryption
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Detection of intrusions
  • Web browser security
  • Security for Mobile & desktop
  • Network monitoring and assessments for security teams
  • Security notifications and alerts

Protection Through Firewall And Antivirus Software

  • counter-measures against ransomwareThe most common ways to defend against a ransomware attack are antivirus and antimalware software. This software help scan, detect and respond to cyber threats. Antivirus software only works at the internal level and they can only identify the attack once it is in the system. Therefore, businesses will need to configure their firewall. Firewalls are critical for the security of a network since they act as the first line of defense against incoming attacks.

Firewalls help protect against hardware as well as software-based attacks. In addition, they stop suspicious data packets from entering the network. Businesses need to stay aware of fake virus detection alerts. They pretend to be from antivirus software, clicking on these links can result in the launch of a ransomware attack on your system.

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