Approximately 7 million data records are compromised each day – that’s almost 2.55 billion records annually.

76% of security professionals indicate that cyber-attack prevention alone is not realistic for their organizations to achieve and have focused efforts on detection and recovery.

We recently helped a customer with a implement a solution to fill a missing layer of their cyber security program, one that focused on containment and complemented their prevention solutions. Working with a certified ethical hacker, we implemented a data protection solution with a recovery approach designed to help avoid the millions of dollars lost because of an attack.

What steps can you take to detect, contain and recover from an attack?

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Bob Claybrook and Ed Serafin discuss how organizations are safeguarding their data and what may be missing from an organization’s data protection strategy.

Ron Mente and Alex Meseguer introduce the DataVault solution which provides organizations with an additional layer of data protection by providing a recovery approach for organizations that are the victims of a cyber attack.

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