how to optimize endpoint security

Here are the top 5 tips to optimize endpoint security

In today’s digital world, the number of cybercrimes has accelerated to an alarming degree. The increased reliance on technology has left organizations susceptible to cyberattacks. Since the endpoints are a significant part of a company’s IT infrastructure, it is crucial to protect them. Here is a rundown of steps to help you boost your endpoint security.

Pinpoint Different Endpoints

  • The first step in optimizing endpoint security is the identification of all the endpoints in a business. Collaborate with your employees and network administrators to classify endpoints that connect to your business network.

Develop a Strong Password Policy

  • When it comes to endpoint security, a weak password is one of the biggest loopholes. Large data breaches frequently occur as a result of leaked passwords. Poor password security can lead to credential theft and data loss.

Therefore, it is crucial to address password vulnerabilities in your endpoints. This can be done by observing the following practices:

  • Train employees to set up strong passwords.
  • Use long, complex, but easy-to-remember passwords.
  • Password should contain numbers, special characters, upper, and lower-case letters.
  • Password should be at least nine characters long.
  • Install MFA and biometrics for all accounts.
  • Avoid using the same password for each account.

Employ Secure Access Service Edge Software

  • Due to work-from-home policies, any employee can access business applications and data remotely using their home or public network. This may be convenient for employees, but it is sabotaging business security and increasing cybersecurity incidents. One of the best solutions to reduce the risk and rate of security breaches is the implementation of secure access service edge (SASE) software.

It is a cloud-based software designed to safely enable employees to access business applications from anywhere at any time. The software keeps a record of pre-configured access, and grants access only to authorized users.

Keep All Endpoint Security Solutions Updated

  • Another crucial step in optimizing your endpoint security is regularly updating your endpoint security solutions. The best way to do so is to automate software updates, so you don’t have to update them manually.

Although endpoint security update notifications or warnings may not pop up like software updates, they are equally important to keep your devices secure. It is best to hire an IT professional to manage your endpoint updates. This will ensure that the updates happen quickly and smoothly.

Use Modern Methods of User Authentication

  • optimize endpoint securityThe way you are authenticating users to access business networks, apps, and corporate data impacts your endpoint security. An organization that uses only a username and password is at high risk of security breaches. One way to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive data is multifactor authentication. This feature uses various verification methods, including biometrics, text messages, emails, and security questions.

For instance, if an employee logs in from an unknown network or device, he will have to crack an additional layer of security. In this way, MFA provides extra protection that helps keep security breaches at bay. Another approach that can be used to mitigate the risk of data breaches is Zero Trust. A zero-trust network trusts no one by default. Anyone trying to gain access to a business network has to undergo strict verification protocols. This helps limit data breaches to a great extent.

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