Adam Storch leads a demo on the Activity Tracker solution. Video transcription below.

Hello and thank you for joining us. In this presentation we are going to be talking about the MSI Activity Tracker. It’s about knowing what, when, and who. So you’re probably wondering if you should be watching this video. Well, here are a couple questions to help you get to that answer.

  • Do you need to know what documents a person has access?
  • Do you need to know what documents a person created or edited?
  • Would having a report of this information be important?

Well if you answered yes to these questions, it probably makes sense to watch this video, so let’s get started.

Digital Workspace

Here we are in the alfresco digital workspace and of course our objective in this demonstration is to talk about the MSI activity tracker. Now I have this option because I’m a member of a certain group. It’s group membership that will drive that ability to access this functionality. So click on the activity tracker and right here it says “select employee.” This is simply grabbing all the employee names in this particular repository. I’m going to select Adam Storch because he’s the one I want to find out all the activities he’s done with documents. Now I can enter a date parameter, start and end date or I could just hit “execute analysis.” When I hit execute analysis without a date parameter, it of course will go through the entire repository. So these are all activities Adam has done, how many times he’s done those activities, and of course a percentage of the total. Now, if I want, I can click right here and I can see, “OK these are the documents Adam has read,” and of course when. I could also take a look OK the ones he created; I can see that as well. And over here I go to create a log of all of his activities. We click on that and of course it downloads the file.

View Activities in Digital Workspace

And here is an Excel spreadsheet that is basically all his activities. So, I can see the date of the activity, I can see what happened. I can open it up and I can see the name of the file and of course the path where that file is located. So, it is pretty easy to see exactly everything that person has done.

Now of course if I want, I can simply save this activity report to Alfresco. Do not even have to open it just click on it and it will. ask for a location. I can drop that Excel spreadsheet right in there. And if this table is relevant to me, I can also hit export activity totals. And it will do the same thing. It will give an excel spreadsheet this information. So, you could see, total documents accessed by Adam were 6, total touches, 22. All the activity going on with those documents and of course a nice pie chart to break it all up. So, you can see it’s pretty easy to find out everything somebody has done in your Alfresco repository So what did you learn?

View Activites and Report in Alfresco Digital Workspace

Well, you learned you can easily understand what documents our user has: created, edited, accessed, and so forth. And creating a report of these activities is only a few clicks away.

So, what is your next step? Well it is time to reach out to Micro Strategies, we can help you like we help our other clients.