The ability to mark up, or annotate, a document can make subsequent reviews of the document substantially easier and faster.  The ability to find text in a document is equally important. 

Micro Strategies’ advanced annotation solution, integrating Arender, allows users to quickly and easily search documents for key terms, annotate and redact  documents and review annotations made by other users.


  • Create detailed comments concerning the document’s directly in the document
  • Redact sensitive content
  • Supports multiple document types including PDF documents and MS Office files
  • Indexes all document text for a comprehensive text search
  • Integrated search feature highlights keywords (term hit highlighting)


Collaborate with colleagues by reviewing annotations and necessary document changes within the same document

Reduce time spent requesting document changes

Eliminate the need to physically pass a document to reviewers

Save time spent searching the document for key terms or phrases

Video Transcript:

Hello and thank you for joining us! In this presentation, we’re going to be talking about creating Advanced Annotations in Box using ARender.

Now, you’re probably wondering if you should be watching this video. Well, here’s a couple of questions to help you get to that answer:

  • Do you need to annotate documents?
  • Would term hit highlighting help navigating a document?
  • Do you need the ability to redact a document?

Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, it probably makes sense to watch this video, so let’s get started!

Here we are in Box and of course our objective is to annotate a file, and there’s a lot of different file formats you can annotate. Obviously, PDF and the Office products, but I’m going to go to this document right here, Word document, I’m going to click, go to Integration, say Annotate with Arender.

Search Features Using ARender

Now here’s the first page and of course it creates the thumbnails you see on the left hand side and of course on each one of the pages of our eleven pages, if there is an annotation (you’ll see a little pencil there [on each page on the left sidebar]), we’ll get a little more in the enter into the Annotations in a moment, but when I show you the upper right hand corner here, where it says Search.

I could type in a word, say ‘services,’ hit ‘enter’ and it’ll do what’s called ‘term hit highlighting.’ The idea there being is it will go off and find whatever that text I’ve entered here is in the document. and of course, highlight that in green. So now you’ll know on the left-hand side, you will see where that text appears in the different pages. By virtue of clicking on any one of these little highlights, up pops in blue, because that’s what I clicked on, ‘services’ in this section.

So, you’re able to quickly and easily do a full-text search of the document. It gives you that ‘term hit highlighting’ so you see where that is and of course, you can scroll through the pages down the left hand side and go to wherever that text is you want to go to.

As you’d imagine in the advanced search area up here, you need a little more involved in that text search; make a case sensitive or not, a lot of different capabilities to find that text quickly and easily.

Adding Annotations to Working Documents

Now let’s go back to some annotations. I’m going to click on the thumbnail piece, so I’ve got all my thumbnails down the left-hand side for all those different pages. I’ll go back to my first page.

What I also want to show you is when I touch on into the highlights, it tells me who did it. Not only that, I can click here and it’ll show me all of the annotations. So ‘Adam Storch’ made these annotations and that’s why you see his name here. From here I can actually go to any of the annotations as well and there’s a lot of different annotations as you would imagine.

I’m going to go to the sticky note right here. So, here’s a sticky note I can take a look at, and of course, I can do replies to a sticky note. I can even decide if it’s acceptable or not.

You can have a whole conversation just on a sticky note in a particular location and of course adding annotations is also pretty easy.

Let me go off and I can highlight a certain area and there’s my piece. It says ‘unknown’ now, once I save, it’ll capture my name as the editor. I can put a comment on here so, we’ve got my new annotation and once I’m done, I go off and hit ‘save’ and that annotation is now saved.

Again, it’s really easy – easy to add annotations as well as be able to navigate through those annotations. And let’s not forget that ability to search as well!


So, what did you learn? Well, you learned you can create annotations quickly and easily. You also know text searching in a document is a lot more powerful.

What are your next steps? Well, it’s time to reach out to Micro Strategies so we can help you like we help our other clients!