The processes organizations have established to navigate their day-to-day operations are at the core to keeping the business functioning.  While process re-engineering has become a popular area of focus area in response to the digital disruptions of the past two decades, nothing has brought about significant change to those core standard operating procedures like the changes that organizations experienced in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Business leaders had to adapt in real-time as their workforce was displaced overnight; simple processes such as walking to another department to submit paperwork were no longer an option.   Faced with evolving these foundational business processes during a time of unprecedented uncertainty, businesses were left asking how do we modernize our business operations so they are more resilient and ready for whatever the future has in store? 

Join Adam Storch and Lisa Cavanagh for an exploratory conversation on how to modernize your operations by leveraging business processes and content services to build operational resilience and be prepared to navigate the unknown.