Since earlier this year, businesses have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on their strategy, operations and finances. For stakeholders, the need to continue to drive business outcomes is essential, yet delivering critical initiatives has become increasingly difficult.  

  • How do they begin to prioritize the right initiatives when facing so many unknown factors?
  • In light of all the uncertainty, how can the business manage risk throughout the project lifecycle?
  • As businesses deal with the financial ripple effects of the pandemic, how do they manage costs and prevent project overrun?

“Advancing projects means…adopting an agile posture, continually assessing risks, and adjusting operations.”  ~Mckinsey & Company

Stream the conversation as we discuss how organizations like yours can continue to drive change to achieve business outcomes as they navigate the unknown.  Hear real world examples of how business leaders and project stakeholders continue to move forward while minimizing risk, leveraging learnings and adapting to changing circumstances.