Does your firm use iManage as its document repository?

Are you using Box to manage deal rooms?

Micro Strategies’ deal room management solution integrates iManage and Box to facilitate communication between the two platforms. Law firms using iManage as their document repository and Box to manage their deal rooms can now use a more streamlined and efficient process to advance deals with outside organizations in a secure manner with need-to-know access controls. This solution facilitates stakeholder communications regarding mergers & acquisitions, litigation and other sensitive processes involving multiple organizations while protecting confidential documents from exposure.

  • Create deal rooms in Box from within iManage
  • Push content from iManage directly into Box
  • Easily delete or add folders to the deal room
  • Import documents directly into Box using Box’s native interface
  • Add collaborators as needed
  • Import the final deal room from Box back into iManage with a few clicks

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