According to Gartner, the greatest source of competitive advantage for 30% of organizations comes from the workforce’s ability to creatively exploit digital technologies.  

As the way employees work continues to evolve and grow, how is your organization exploiting digital technologies?  Join our digital workplace experts to discuss how you can drive new levels of employee engagement, empowerment and productivity.  Looking beyond the technology, we will also discuss the human aspect of a digital workplace and how having an engaged workforce can help your organization deliver outstanding customer experience.

In this discussion, we ask: 

  • What fundamental needs are driving the digital workplace?
  • How do you make a workplace built for collaboration & engagement? With so many employees working remotely, how can a digital workplace help with this?
  • How can you drive employee productivity?
  • What automation tools can help drive employee self-empowerment? 
  • How can you enhance the user experience and enable employees to solve their problems?
  • Why do organizations need to consider an empathic, user-centric approach to the digital workplace?

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