Electronic documents are essential to modern business. Quick, seamless management of these documents is crucial. Excessive time lost to processing and managing these documents can be can costly; it is critical that the organization know where the documents are in their lifecycle (expiring, renewing, not approved, etc.) so they can take any necessary actions. 

With Micro Strategies’ document lifecycle reporting solution, organizations gain a timely and consistent view of the status of their document, enabling them to gain insights into the document lifecycle and ultimately shorten the time to execution.

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  • Use business-specific metadata to search documents
  • Quickly gain an overview of the status, or lifecycle stage, of documents
  • Run reports on a recurring basis using templated reports
  • Easily share reports with key stakeholders
  • Create reports based on business requirements using no-code configurations


Productivity Suite icons_Doc Lifecycle Reporting - A

Gain visibility and insight into the status of documents

Productivity Suite icons_Doc Lifecycle Reporting - B

Minimize risk by tracking auto-renewals and document expirations

Productivity Suite icons_Doc Lifecycle Reporting - C

Improve revenue by more effectively managing documents and contracts through execution