Accelerate your ability to collaborate from Microsoft Outlook

How can your users begin collaborating with teams straight from Microsoft Outlook? With MSI Quick File, users can start collaborating and sharing attachments with internal or external teams without having to go to their shared drives or document management systems. Collaboration becomes easier as content is quickly shared and easily identified, ensuring consistency, assisting with compliance and records management as well as saving time and money.  

How the process should work

  1. Right click on an e-mail
  2. Assign collaboration space tags for searching
  3. Assign tags to the e-mail and attachments for searching
  4. Click save

What the solution automatically does next

  1. Selects collaboration space template based on assigned tags
  2. Creates collaboration space
  3. Stores the content in the correct location (folders, etc.)
  4. Assigns tags to the content
  5. Notifies people of the collaboration space, including a link
  6. Configures security

Business Results

  1. Faster time to team collaboration
  2. Save the user considerable setup time
  3. Ensure compliance with defined business standards