Delivering End-to-End Technology Solutions that Drive Business Results

Technology drives business results. Yet the IT landscape has become increasingly complex, making technology decisions overwhelming.

To navigate these complexities, it’s critical to have a partner who understands you and your business objectives.

A partner who recognizes your data as competitive currency, enabling you to simplify the complex and inform key business decisions regarding security, analytics, core infrastructure, business processes and business and technology operations.

From advisory and design to implementation and support, Micro Strategies can help.

We bring together the right mix of solutions, expertise and local resources to address your business’ unique challenges and use data to drive business results.

Business Process & Content Services

Combine technology with business processes to gain insight into your organization’s data and improve productivity

Document Management & Collaboration with iManage & Box

What do the Micro Strategies’ solutions that integrate iManage and Box look like? Our robust ecosystem offers multiple functionalities that users can leverage for enhanced collaboration and productivity. Calculate your ROI Maximize Investments in iManage and Box Discover Micro Strategies’ integration between iManage Work and Box—a powerful solution designed to enable legal teams to collaborate […]

Business Process & Workflow for Email

Secure and efficient management from the first request through final signatures and archiving

Contract and Deal Management Featured Image

Contract & Deal Management

Secure and efficient management from the first request through final signatures and archiving

Legal Solutions Featured Image

Legal Solutions

Business process and content management solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments

Financial Services Solutions Featured Image

Financial Services Solutions

Business process and content management solutions for the financial services industry

Banner For Compliant Communications Archive, Audit & Supervision

Archiving Box Events, People and Content to Global Relay

Ensuring a company can archive email communications, as well as provide supervision on shared content is tough.

Legacy Content Migration Banner Image

Legacy Content Migration

Improve performance and automate processes

Lease Document Management

Lease Document Management

Automation, compliance and standardization for equipment lease business processes

Data & Analytics

Simplify the complex with solutions that combine business insights with technology to translate your data into actionable intelligence

Remote Work Insights

Gain visibility into business operations by empowering IT and security teams.

Simplify your Cloud Management. Optimize your Cloud Investment

94% of enterprises rely on multiple cloud providers to accomplish their business goals. 85% of enterprises will adopt a cloud-first principle by 2025. Scalability, reliability, enhanced security, increased competitiveness—the benefits of the cloud are clear. What about the challenges of managing your cloud environments? Lack of visibility Many organizations work with multiple cloud providers. The […]

Data Management

Data Management

Gain insight and competitive advantage from your business data

Data Visualization Banner Image

Data Visualization

Transform data into rich visuals, so you can make faster, better informed decisions and drive critical business value

Advanced Analytics Banner Image

Advanced Analytics

Integrate AI with core business processes to increase productivity

data governance blog 2

Data Governance

HOW CAN WE HELP MEET YOUR DATA GOVERNANCE GOALS? More Resources Delve into the seven most prevalent data challenges that can be addressed with effective data governance. Read the blog Explore the steps to developing a data governance program to drive data transformation and fuel a data-driven culture. Read the blog Discover the technology components […]

Hybrid IT

Make smart, data-driven decisions regarding technology investments and workload placement to transform your business and stay competitive

Platform-Modernization Featured Image

Platform Modernization

Maintaining an organization’s legacy infrastructure can hinder its ability to meet competitive demands in today’s data-driven business landscape

Automation Banner Image


With the pace of business increasing faster than ever before, business automation has become a key differentiator or in creating competitive advantage

Mobile Workforce Experince

Mobile Workforce Experience

Deliver the desktop experience - virtually

Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

Leverage your data and our expertise to protect, detect, respond and remediate threats faster while preventing others completely


Detect, hunt and investigate threats and incidents

Security Posture Review

Security posture review

Identify and assess security risks

Endpoint Protection and Management Banner Image

Endpoint protection & management

Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Virtual CISO Banner Image

CISO Advisory Services

Executive-level information security expertise for your business

Security Incident Detection & Response Management

Security Incident Detection & Response

Detect, hunt and investigate threats and incidents

Managed Services

Manage and maximize your critical technologies, from infrastructures and workloads to applications and security so you can focus on growing your business

Infrastructure Management and Remediation

Managed Infrastructure Services

Services that ensure your infrastructure runs at optimal levels

Managed Security Services Solutions

Managed Security Services

Supplemental services that provide security, reliability and performance

Call Recording

Digital Voice Recording & Quality Assurance

Voice call tracking, integrated management systems, reporting and analytics

Digital Workplace

Services that ensure your infrastructure runs at optimal levels

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