Many organizations focus on business process as a tool – without focusing on the business process itself. With more than three-quarters of your data buried in documents, the processes around capturing, managing, preserving and delivering the data in those documents are as critical as the information. Without them, you may be unable to efficiently access, manage and share your information. You’re also potentially exposing your business to litigation from compliance issues.

Micro Strategies can help

Beyond capturing and storing your content, we provide solutions that integrate with your critical business applications so you can manage your information through its lifecycle, quickly and easily access or share it and monitor and report on activity all while meeting governance and security requirements.

We partner with you to optimize your business processes, provide insight into your organization’s information, improve productivity and minimize risk.

Why Micro Strategies?

Drawing on our significant experience, we provide clients with IP-based solutions that reduce process inefficiencies and help your business deliver quality services to the people it serves by providing proactive advice and mapping business processes to technology.

Our practice leadership, with an average of over 20 years of experience in this area, has the background that allows them to deliver solutions that address clients’ business requirements and add value.

The team has architected, developed and deployed business process and content applications at the enterprise and department level across a range of industries. Their unique background has allowed them to develop a catalog of intellectual property that reduces time and cost to value.

Document Management & Collaboration with iManage & Box

What do the Micro Strategies’ solutions that integrate iManage and Box look like? Our robust ecosystem offers multiple functionalities that users can leverage for enhanced collaboration and productivity. Calculate your ROI Maximize Investments in iManage and Box Discover Micro Strategies’ integration between iManage Work and Box—a powerful solution designed to enable legal teams to collaborate […]

Business Process & Workflow for Email

Secure and efficient management from the first request through final signatures and archiving

Contract and Deal Management Featured Image

Contract & Deal Management

Secure and efficient management from the first request through final signatures and archiving

Legal Solutions Featured Image

Legal Solutions

Business process and content management solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments

Financial Services Solutions Featured Image

Financial Services Solutions

Business process and content management solutions for the financial services industry

Banner For Compliant Communications Archive, Audit & Supervision

Archiving Box Events, People and Content to Global Relay

Ensuring a company can archive email communications, as well as provide supervision on shared content is tough.

Legacy Content Migration Banner Image

Legacy Content Migration

Improve performance and automate processes

Lease Document Management

Lease Document Management

Automation, compliance and standardization for equipment lease business processes

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