For corporate law departments and law firms, managing documents can seem like a full-time job. Data repositories, whether physical or virtual, can be expensive and complicated to maintain. From court records and arrest records to billing and contracts, all the documents need to be filed, stored correctly and available whenever, wherever they are needed.

Aligning Technology with Business Processes for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Micro Strategies addresses the business process and content management needs of the legal industry, specializing in document and records management, document capture, business process management and custom solutions that enable law firms and corporate legal departments to drive productivity and client satisfaction. We help automate manual and disparate tasks and provide secure file sharing, mobile productivity and collaboration technology solutions.

Legal Industry Expertise

Our team of certified engineers, business analysts, developers and PMO certified project managers have been involved in over 200 legal technology implementations. We have worked with law firms, corporate legal groups, and state and local agencies including district attorneys, attorney generals, boards of defense and court systems. We recognize that each of these organizations have their unique requirements, therefore we have built templates, integrations and solutions to address their particular needs.

Legal Industry Solutions

  • Document and email management implementations on premise and in the cloud
  • Migrations from legacy document management systems (DMS)
  • Records management and governance
  • Integrations with case, matter and enterprise systems
  • Business process management solutions (workflows) such as contracts management,lease management, HR solutions, deal management and others
  • Document OCR, capture and AI classification and metadata extraction
  • Accessing legal DMS repository documents from applications and portals
  • Document comparison and protection
  • Threat management, security policies and data loss protection

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