The in-house attorneys for our client, a self-regulatory organization, required direct access to their case-related content from their productivity applications – Word, primarily, but also Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.


The client implemented Alfresco’s Content Services to support their document management needs associated with all of the cases that they need to investigate. While they were able to access their documents from the Alfresco interface, this did not provide the value that they expected and the adoption of the system was low. Micro Strategies implemented our Alfresco Office integration solution which allowed the attorneys to work directly in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, and provided features such as document searching using metadata and text, recent documents, favorites and the ability to add metadata and easily saving documents to Alfresco case folders.


The client’s security enforcement section is able to manage the over 45,000 cases that they investigate per year. They can file case-related emails and attachments from Outlook directly to their case-related folders. The enforcement department consisting of attorneys, investigators, paralegals and support staff are all using the Alfresco Office integration as an integral part of their daily business process.

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