75% of critical business decisions reside in corporate email

When it comes to getting work done, email can be an efficient tool.  However, with the increasing use of email attachments, email has become a document storage/management tool for many professionals.  Sifting or sorting through emails to find the attachments can often be a painful and inefficient. More importantly, as employees are overloaded with email, they are losing sight of critical documents such as executed contracts and signed purchase orders which ultimately leads to delayed or lost revenues for the company.

Bring Business Process & Workflows into the Inbox

Micro Strategies’ business process & workflow solution for email integrates an organization’s email platform with mxHero and Box to automatically and intelligently file email attachments into Box and automatically route important documents through the next step of a company’s document management process. 

As emails are received within the organization, email messages and attachments are organized, tagged with metadata, saved to Box and notifications for the next steps are automatically generated. 

Automatically execute business processes & workflows on documents received via email

Capture & organize email messages & attachments to the correct folder in Box

Auto-file messages & attachments by client, project, matter or any metadata you define


  • Eliminate delays and impacts to revenue due to documents being stuck in email inboxes
  • Improve operational efficiencies by automatically moving documents into the next step of the organization’s internal business process
  • Organize messages & attachments based on the metadata –making future document searches a simple process
  • Improve enterprise security as email attachments are automatically moved out of email and into more secure cloud content management platforms leveraging secure / authenticated links
  • Expand search ability by adding meta-data to all email content placed into targeted cloud storage platforms

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