Ensuring a company can archive email communications, as well as provide supervision on shared content is tough. Factor in cloud-based collaboration tools (like Box) and compliance can seem impossible. To properly manage documents, mitigate risk and comply with legal and regulatory requirements, many businesses implement Global Relay. Using Global Relay, you can meet the strict archiving and surveillance requirements of your industry and be prepared for any possible audits or litigation.


Micro Strategies has developed a solution that allows companies to take advantage of the industry-leading collaboration capabilities of Box and the surveillance and eDiscovery capabilities of Global Relay. The solution allows employees to collaborate while still complying with legal and regulatory requirements and ensuring auditability when e-Discovery is required.

Users can share documents with internal or external parties using Box. The Micro Strategies solution automatically provides that content to Global Relay. This information includes the content, the custodians involved and the audit trail for the content. Global Relay is configured for a new content stream that is Box content. Content shared using Box still undergoes the required surveillance and eDiscovery through Global Relay.

Data Integration


Integration of Box and Global Relay

Compliant Collaboration


Secure, compliant sharing that takes full advantageof Box capabilities

Surveillance and eDiscovery

Surveillance & eDiscovery

Monitor and review data to enforce policies across all types of communications


  • Mitigate risk while ensuring your business is always litigation ready
  • Satisfy strict archiving and surveillance requirements
  • Collaborate, internally and externally, while ensuring auditability if eDiscovery is required

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